Hi Guys,

Thanks for continuing to drop by and show an interest in the Ubuntu Edge, even so long after the crowdfunding campaign has finished!

The Ubuntu Edge was a crowdfunding campaign by Canonical to fund a convergent smartphone running on a combination of Android and Ubuntu. Ultimately it failed to reach its $32m funding goal. You can see more about the campaign here on the Indiegogo page.

My involvement was simply as a fan of the technology. I continued to run this website for four years after the failed campaign for information. However, as many of the links that this page used to generate information have since ceased to exist, this website is no longer supported.

You can visit more about me - wizzardSS, the creator of this site - on my personal website. Please feel free to get in touch, and if you have any concerns, let me know there!

Until the next one!

- wizzardSS